How The ‘Real’ Victims Of Sex Crimes Lose Justice

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Where do we begin? Real rape takes place in this country every day. Real sexual assault takes place in this country every day. Real abuse… Of men by women as well as of women by men… Takes place in this country every day. Real rape, sexual assault, and both physical and emotional abuse by adults take place against children in this country every fucking day.

At the same time, ‘questionable’ charges are made against ‘questionably’ guilty parties are routinely settled behind closed doors by people with fat wallets and checkbooks. This also happens every day, and we rarely hear about it until it is someone with enough fame and fortune to Garner sufficient interest by the Press.

It may make for great copy, and it may sell lots of papers or premium digital subscription enrollments, but we have yet to see any of that Translate into preventing new victims from being victimized. Sure… Lots of money is changing hands and lots of careers are coming too early ends but there is no evidence that indicates the rate of these crimes decreases buy some number for every charge that is brought forward, publicized, and ultimately settled between lawyers and checkbooks.

Are you fucking kidding us?

While the rich and famous pretend to be one thing in public and altogether something quite different in private… All the while trying to convince us they are leading a cultural revolution to improve our collective lives… Real people continue to be real victims of real criminals.

We could care less what these people do to each other when they are off camera, but while they commit crimes as they simultaneously proclaim victimhood, the fundamental problem not only gets worse, the people that most need help increasingly become the least likely to get it

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Source: New York Times: Asia Argento, #MeToo leader, paid sexual assault accuser – CNN


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