The Difference Between Trump ‘Fact’ And ‘Truth’ Works Both Ways

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Despite proclaiming abstract neutrality, fact check has shilled for the left since early Bush II. It’s okay… we get it… Trump sucks, the sky is falling, and the planet is going to melt any day. But c’mon on now guys, are you fucking kidding?

It is a matter of public record, and therefore a provable fact that the current president is donating all of his salary, each and every quarter – as he promised – since he has been earning it.

Yes… yes… buried deep in the article they admit this fact, but they did so reluctantly and returned to flailing in a sea of caveat.

These asshats in the media continue to insist that their word is Gospel and that they are not to be challenged – even when they provide their own proof that they are only telling half the story.

In the name of a fairness the media is reluctant to reciprocate, GOP operatives and Trump Fanboy amateurs pushed the meme of him donating all of his money to one specific place. That is not accurate. That he is giving it all away as soon as he earns it, however, remains true regardless what filtered lenses the media chooses to look through.

Don’t you love how hard everyone else has to work to be precise while these guys can go through life, half-assed, without a care in the world? Jeebus… no wonder this place has gone to hell and a handbasket.

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Source: FACT CHECK: Did President Donald Trump Donate His Entire $400,000 Salary to Rebuild Military Cemeteries?


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