Is The Media An Enemy Of America?

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Seriously? Of COURSE The Media Is An Enemy of the American people. Empowered by there capture of Richard Nixon’s scalp and their elevation of Bill Clinton to sainthood despite being a whoredog, they have shown over the years and generations just how much power and control they have over the American people. They have shown how much control they have over the people elected to public office by the American people. They have shown how much power they have with their ability to start and end Wars regardless of the national will. And they have shown their power over management of the American and global economy whenever they decide to raise or lower flags of alarm.

Did we mention their control over the climate hysteria?

The Media, and in this case the ‘old school’ Media, reminds us of the asshole husband that has been beating his wife for 20 years and is genuinely shocked when she finally has had enough and shoots him in the face with a sawed-off shotgun. And the reporters voice in the Huckabee clip only further proves our point… he sounds like a whiny little bitch trying to get one of his victims to tell him he’s a decent, upstanding guy.
But the real fireworks came later in the briefing, when CNN White House reporter Jim Acosta pressed Sanders to publicly state that the media is not “the enemy of the people.”

“You read off a laundry list of your concerns about the press, and things that you feel are misreported, but you did not say that the press is not the ‘enemy of the people.’ I think it would be a good thing if you were to say right here, at this briefing, whether the press, the people gathered in this room right now, doing their jobs every day, asking questions of officials like the ones you brought forward earlier, are not the ‘enemy of the people.’ I think we deserve that.”

What a douche.

To her credit, Sanders – having, perhaps the worst job on the planet – laid out a very precise and succinctly response that should give anyone … on the left or the right… pause to reflect and fish for a little belly button lint:

It’s embarrassing to watch members of the media beclown themselves in such a way. From the moment Trump won, as they sifted through the ashes and tried to figure out where they went wrong, the media has publicly admitted that they were so sure of Hillary’s victory they went all-in to make sure Donald Trump was nowhere near Pennsylvania Avenue for the swearing-in. They made it clear they were operating with a decidedly left-leaning lilt and have believed all along that it was their job to report the news in ways THEY decide are best for us to hear and understand rather than as a prima facie presentation of provable facts to consumers.

They genuinely don’t think, apparently, that we can be left to decide for ourselves what to make of their products.

We aren’t terribly thrilled with Donald Trump the man, but Donald Trump the president is spot-on in suggesting that the media is an enemy of the American people. And it’s not even because they openly support one political party over another… It’s because they control the narrative and they control the national debate. Their malpractice and malfeasance effect way more change across the whole of American society and culture than the founders ever intended.

[Images via Yahoo News & Indy 100. Huckabee clip via, of all sources, Russia Today 🙂 ]

Source: White House defends saying ‘enemy of the people’


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