Public schools are failing at American civics

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American public schools are failing our teachers and our children. Test scores continue to drop, teacher pay and benefit packages continue to crumble under the feet of corrupt unions, and K through 12 curricula has become a joke across the country… Designed to ensure that the least capable among students would not be allowed to fail.

Admittedly, it was a struggle to decide whether to file this under the “Media” category or under the “Culture” category. Under Media, it would have just been another example of how deftly we are lied to and misled on such a routine and regular basis by the Liberal Progressive Propaganda wing of the Democrat Party. On the other, it’s an opportunity to slap them in the face for whining about a problem they created in the first place.

Decisions… Decisions.

The Culture category won the day, but before we head down that road it’s important to point out that this article appeared in the news feed under the following title:

“Teaching our children to cherish democracy will be all the more critical in Trump’s America”

despite the fact that the permalink… the title when the article was originally published to the interwebs… was actually as follows:

“American values are at risk if we don’t teach kids what it is to be American”

Make no mistake, the dark, vast, and widespread media conspiracy to mush the minds of as many dependent-thinking Americans as they can lay their hands on is alive and well in this piece. It is, however, a rare opportunity to use their own mistake to teach the valuable lesson that’s buried within it.

At the same time, public education is struggling to come up with a narrative of the American experience that encompasses the expanding diversity of the country’s population. To some, the definition of what it is to be American, as it’s taught in the classroom, feels too limiting; to others, it’s being stretched beyond recognition. Either way, the overall effect is disorienting, and public discourse is feeling the strain.

The author goes to great lengths to imply – without actually saying – that only a better Public School Civics curriculum can prevent the country from ever having another Donald Trump in the White House. She wants you to conclude on your own that a smarter and better-educated voter would never have pulled the lever for such a person as this, and she wants you to know that a better understanding of how government works is all you need to have in order to choose more wisely in the future.

The problem with this logic is that our current education system is overrun with liberal-minded educators and these Educators have our children in their classrooms every day of every school year for 13 years. This means that they actually are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

The people that voted for Trump were not, as popular media moguls would have you believe, uneducated people that don’t understand politics and don’t understand how government works. The people that voted for Trump did so because they got sick and tired of listening to the liberal media telling them they were stupid, ignorant, racist, fill-in-the-blank-o-phobes, and so on ad nauseam.

She doesn’t tell you that Trump was elected because enough people out there decided that any options was better than the Hillary option. And she doesn’t tell you that Hillary… in collusion with the DNC… rigged the primaries to make sure the more popular Democrat candidate – Bernie Sanders – was shut out of the game.

She tells you none of this, and the media, in general, refuses to admit it, but Donald Trump is in the White House precisely because of liberals and their intolerance and their refusal to listen to anyone whose opinion differs from their own.

That lesson is not taught in public school civics.

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Source: Donald Trump’s election suggests US public schools are failing at American civics education—but there is a fix — Quartz

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