Twisting facts, conflating truths

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We were hesitant to bring this article forward for a couple of reasons; it’s too long and its author is far too impressed with his vocabulary. We threw it in the mix anyway because it’s important that people recognize the games the party operatives – from both sides – like to play with the rest of us out here sitting up in the cheap seats.

We encourage you to trudge through this if you have the stomach for it because everyone should see how the intellectuals go about their business of conflating fact with fiction and hearsay and insisting it must be truth.

PS: Remember that, compared to the entire population of Republicans, there is only a small percentage of them that have enough money to be Elites. Remember, as well, that the exact same thing can be said about Democrat Elites. The point? Elites in general are a threat to the democracy… Not the rank-and-file followers of one side or the other.

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Thus, when some progressives responded to Kavanaugh’s nomination to the high court by expressing despair for their democracy’s future, the right-flank of “the Resistance” cried foul. In their view, it was perfectly understandable for liberals to lament an ideological defeat — but equating that defeat with a democratic crisis was not. After all, Donald Trump’s tendency to do the latter is part of what makes him a threat to American democracy: to suggest that the other side’s policy victories are losses for the republic itself is to suggest that the maintenance of democracy requires its suspension.

Source: Yes, Normal Republican Elites Are a Threat to Democracy

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