Of course the EU is a “foe”

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Yes, my dear Democrat and liberal progressive friends, there is much about your sitting president worth gnashing your teeth over. Your Republican and independent far-right conservative brothers and sisters, however, really wish you would read your media Bibles all the way to the end every once in awhile before you make your gums bleed.

The Source article has no intention of putting any effort into pointing out how badly we are being raped by the European Union. Instead they want you to focus on the word Russia and encourage you to believe that your president is a traitor to allies that have proven to be – in your own ranting blathering words – not paying their fair share.

We aren’t big fans of the guy either, ladies and gentlemen, but the European Union is a financial pho that we have allowed to take advantage of us for far too long. You people on the left may like giving away your money two other people or, in this case other countries, while asking for nothing in return but, the rest of us would like to start pocketing some of the money we are throwing at the Eastern side of the Atlantic Ocean with nothing to show for it in return.

Hell, who knows? We may even let you spend that “new” money on one of your pet causes like housing the homeless or protecting our children from pedophiles without even putting up much of a fight.

“I respect the leaders of those countries,” he said. “But, in a trade sense, they’ve really taken advantage of us and many of those countries are in NATO and they weren’t paying their bills.”

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Source: Trump calls European Union a “foe” before Russia summit – Vox


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