Change is good… Until it isn’t

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Last we checked, “draining the swamp” was not intended to suggest that it be refilled with even more caustic pond swill. But hey… What do we know? Californians can clearly afford to give up even more of their paychecks to build their Progressive Liberal Utopia. You go kidz… Get out there and show us how it’s done.

Kevin de Leon landed the California Democratic Party endorsement for Senate, but in a state that has long had weak parties, that may not help much as he seeks a way out the deep hole he’s in facing off with Sen. Dianne Feinstein in November. Feinstein has seldom courted party insiders.

[Images via Neal Rodrigue & Fellowship of the Mind ]

Source: As Democratic Party activists reject Sen. Feinstein, which side of the debate is more in touch with voters?

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