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[click here for the video] Let’s jump out in front of this and call bullshit on any attempts by the most murderous Police Department in the United States to assure us this was a justified kill.

It wasn’t.

We will give the cops this much… the guy was packing and he started running and it is their duty to protect the general public. The problem here is that the police essentially provoked the whole thing by walking up on the guy and grabbing his arm. We don’t know about anyone else, but if we are walking around in Chicago… and packing… reaching for our weapon in self-defense is the whole damn reason we are packing.

We don’t care why this guy aroused their suspicions. You want to fix the problem in Chicago, and around the rest of the country, of cops killing civilians? Stop putting us in a situation where we assume we are about to get shot by a cop. There are plenty of bad guys in Chicago but it’s long overdue for the cops there to stop being the worst among them.

The medical examiner’s office on Sunday identified the man fatally shot by a police officer in Chicago a day earlier as Harith Augustus.

[Images via Chicago Times & BBC]

Source: Chicago police release body camera footage of fatal officer-involved shooting that prompted protests – Chicago Tribune

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